Range Booking Saturday 3rd April 14:00-16:00

Range Booking Saturday 3rd April 14:00-16:00

For use by Full Members and Probationary members




Please book your time slot here.


Bookings must be paid for in adance, we will allocate you a minimum of 1 Hours range time on the Firearms Range and do our utmost to ensure it is between the hours of 14:00 Hrs and 16:00. 


You are welcome to stay on site for as long as you wish, we have setup 3 marquees by the firearms area with seating sufficient to maintain social distancing and hand sanitiser and cleaning products are available in all areas.


If you have a firearm / shotgun certificate you may use the PSG range for as long as you wish on site 


You may use the clay facilities for as long as you wish


You must ensure you sign the range register as simply making a payment will not account for your guns used. 


This is a legal requirement.



Please record the serial numbers of your firearms if you are a full member with an FAC. We are not recording these in the usual manor as we too must maintain social distancing. It is also far safer if you record these offsite as it again minimises handling of paperwork and also firearms until you are onsite.


What to expect when you arive

Please wait in the area covered by marquees and we will individually ask you to sign the range register outside. It is vital that you maintain social distancing and do not enter the firearms range until we call you.


Prebooking is essential. We will not permit anyone to simply arrive and shoot as this will massively intefere with our scheduling. Please book online, if the timeslot you require is available it will allow you to book. If it shows as "Out of stock" it is not available. 


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