Keep an eye on this space for range availability. Information updated Sunday 01/08/2021 @ 22:05

Saturday 7th August - All Ranges OPEN Subject to sufficient bookings*  

Sunday 8th August - All Ranges OPEN Subject to sufficient bookings*


Unfortunately range attendance has dropped way below the point where it is commercially viable for us to continue opening every weekend with such few bookings.

We require at least 15 pre-booked slots prior to the shoot day in order to justify opening so please ensure you book at least the day before you shoot. If we do not receive at least 15 bookings for a given shoot day we will close the ranges for that day. Any payments made for a cancelled day will be refunded to you. 

Please note that from 9th August 2021 we will begin cancelling the memberships of members who:

  • Have not attended the ranges at least 4 times in the period 09/08/20 to 08/08/2021 unless we are contacted and advised of any special circumstances.

  • Have not renewed their membership on time.

  • We believe are simply using membership with us to justify firearms possession.

Please remember you need to use each of your firearms conditioned for target shooting at least 3 times per year by law. 

Given the global pandemic we relaxed our minimum attendance from 8 visits per year to 4 as we were closed for some of last year/this year due to government restrictions. As of 08/08/2021 we require a minimum of 8 visits per year as a condition of membership. Do get in touch if you need any advice or help.

Please check the website here on the day of your shoot to confirm the ranges are open on this day. Any queries please call Rob on 01582210060 or Steve on 01582210223.

Please do book as soon as possible and check on the day on this page to confirm the ranges are open.


Springview Ranges is a privately run shooting range operated by shooters with a passion for shooting in all disciplines


Owners Steve and Rob each have 20+ years shooting experience and both enjoy all types of shooting including clay pigeon, practical shooting, small-bore and full-bore.

We are a Home Office approved shooting club and Registered Firearms Dealers.

Our facilities include Smallbore/Gallery Rifle, Practical Shotgun & Clay Pigeon Shooting. We also run dedicated full bore shooting at other sites many times per year shooting at distances of up to 2 miles.


Our club has a very friendly atmosphere and we welcome all classes of shooters & associated sports.

We have just launched our new website and you can pay memberships and fees online. 


To find out more about shooting click on Disciplines of the top left of the website menu for detailed information. 

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon.

Who are we?


Old Park Farm, Toddington Rd, Toddington, Dunstable LU5 6HE, UK

01582 210223

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