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Rimfire / Gallery Rifle Range

We are a UK Home Office approved Shooting Club based in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Rimfire & Gallery Rifle Range – Toddington

Springview Ranges Limited hold a club firearms certificate allowing non firearm certificate holders to begin a course of safe instruction in the handling of firearms and ammunition.

Our rifle range is a members only shooting club and we do not permit casual guest shooters, this is to ensure public safety and the safety of our members and staff.

Our ranges are protected by remote access cloud storage, permanently recording CCTV in all areas of the site for your safety and to ensure compliance of our range safety regulations.

If you hold a current firearms certificate – Full Club Membership

We are currently accepting memberships and you will need to bring your original firearm certificate and complete our application forms.

These will be submitted to our local firearms licensing department and you may be permitted to shoot the same day subject to being granted membership by the officers of the club

If you do not hold a current firearms certificate – Probationary Membership

We offer probationary membership to those who do not hold a firearm certificate and this requires an absolute minimum of three months probationary membership and we require that you safely complete a minimum of 18 visits before we can consider you for full membership of the club.

You will need to bring a form of photo ID and ID with your current address, complete our application forms. We will then carry out our own identity checks and submit your application to our local firearms licensing authority.

It is essential that you sign a declaration stating you are not a prohibited person under the firearms act and you must disclose any previous or pending convictions under the criminal justice system.

We will contact you once we determine the status of your application and invite you to attend your first visit to the firearms ranges. A full safety briefing will be given on range procedures and we keep the rules to a minimum focusing on safety and to provide us all a very safe environment and to enjoy our sport.

You will be asked to read and sign our range terms and conditions to confirm you understand our procedures – if in any doubt please ask. We are here to help and want you to enjoy your course of instruction.

You will be given one to one supervision in the safe us of firearms and ammunition and we will start you off with 22 LR bolt action rifles

Once you have mastered the safe use of 22 LR rifles we will offer you the use of other calibers to ensure you are familiar with all calibers we have available and this will assist the Police firearms licensing team when you make your initial application for a firearms certificate.

All firearms handle and operate differently so we ensure our members are familiar with various actions such as bolt action, under lever and semi automatic rifles.

Once you have completed a minimum term of three months and completed at least 18 visits – typically this can take around six months we will consider your application for full membership.

Our decision will be based on your aptitude to the safe handling of firearms and ammunition and that our assessment is that you are a safe shooter and require no further training. Once this process is complete we will issue a letter offering you full membership of our shooting club and this can be used to support your application for a firearm certificate.

By joining as a probationary member we do not guarantee you will be granted a firearm certificate and your safe conduct is required 100% of the time. If a member is deemed not to meet our high standards of safety we may terminate the membership. When we do this we are duty bound to report this decision to the Police.

Joining our shooting club is not an instant path to access firearms and we only support those with a genuine interest in shooting sports and the safe use of firearms and ammunition.

All members are expected to attend the ranges on a regular basis and we do not permit any memberships simply to justify possession of firearms.

Authorised calibers on this range

We currently permit the following calibers

17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 9mm, 44-40, 44 Special, 44 Magnum, 45 Colt, 45 ACP

Shotguns using up to 00 Buckshot with plastic or fiber wad may be used on the rifle range only.

Solid slug in any caliber is not permitted for use on our rimfire/gallery range.

Unless the caliber is listed above we do not permit any other calibers on our Rimfire/Gallery ranges – Call us if you have any other gallery rifle calibers for clarification.

Centre fire rifle calibers such as 223, 243, 308, 303 etc are not permitted on this range even if downloaded.

Club Firearms available for Rimfire & Gallery Rifle Shooting

We currently have the following rifles for use by members of the club

22 LR CZ-452 Bolt Action Rifles – Several with scopes
22 LR Heckler & Koch MP5 Semi Automatic Rifle with scope

22 LR Colt M4 Carbine Semi Automatic Rifle

22 LR Browning T-Bolt - Bolt Action Rifle

22 LR Ruger 10-22 Semi Automatic Rifle with open sights
38spl/357mag Rossi Puma Under lever Rifle – open sights

38spl/357 mag Winchester 94 Under lever Rifle - open sights
44spl/44 mag Rossi Puma Under lever Rifle – open sights
45 ACP Armalon Bolt Action Rifle – open sights

We regularly add new firearms to the list of club guns and in the interest of safety and limited the number of firearms on site we do not normally carry all of the above firearms on site at the same time.

Shotguns available – Section 2

Over and under double barrel shotguns
Semi automatic shotguns
Pump action shotguns

Safe Supervision

Our Rimfire/Gallery rifle is only permitted to be operated under strict safety conditions and is under permanent supervision by our team of Range Officers who ensure safe shooting conditions.

Our staff wear identity badges clearly stating their position and authority on the ranges and it is essential that their instructions are immediately followed.

Eyes and ears everyone!

Ear and eye protection must be worn on site. Gunfire can be extremely harmful to your hearing and eye protection is a must


We operate our ranges using red flags and red lighting to indicate the live or ceased fire/safe status of our ranges and access to the danger areas are locked when shooting is taking place.

We conduct regular cease fires to allow you change targets and you can request a cease fire and change of targets whenever you wish.

Unlike many ranges muzzle angles are restricted to ensure your muzzle cannot point above a certain point which could cause unsafe conditions.

For members who hold firearm certificates please remember that the safe custody of your guns and ammunition is your responsibility. Do not leave your guns or ammunition in your car


We operate a single membership scheme which offers access to all facilities and disciplines covered by us which includes Smallbore/Gallery Rifle, Fullbore Rifle, Practical/Target Shotgun and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Annual membership fee for members with or without a license £250.00 per year.

Range Fees

Day fee for Rimfire, Gallery Rifle and Practical Shotgun shooting​ ₤30.00

Clay pigeons – members rate £0.25 per clay

Clay Pigeons – Non members £0.36 per clay. Guests by arrangement only.


Club Ammunition – Probationary members

50 Rds x 22 LR Ammunition​ ₤6.00 per box
38 Special Ammunition ​₤0.60 per shot (Sold in 10’s)
44 Special Ammunition​ ₤0.80 per shot (Sold in 10’s)
45 ACP ammunition ​₤0.80 per shot (Sold in 10’s)

25 x 12 Bore shotgun cartridges ​₤6.00 per box


No club live ammunition of any kind is permitted to be removed from the ranges under any circumstances – If we have reason to believe ammunition has been taken we will inform the Police immediately

It is illegal to be in possession of Section 1 Ammunition without a current firearm certificate

Costs – A typical day

Full members – with firearm certificate

₤30.00 for the day to shoot on the Rimfire/Gallery/Practical Shotgun range as most full members bring their own ammunition

Probationary members or full members without a firearm certificate

₤30.00 range fee plus ₤12.00 for 100 rds of 22 LR ammunition for a total of ₤42.00 for a days shooting.


Range Address – Rimfire & Gallery Range

Springview Ranges Limited
Old Park Farm
Toddington Road


Telephone 01582 210223

Opening times – Rimfire & Gallery Range

Saturday​-​10.00am to 4pm
Sunday ​-​10.00am to 4pm

We do not open on bank holidays

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