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Practical Shotgun Range

We are a UKPSA Affiliated Practical Shotgun Shooting Range.

Our PSG layout is a basic static layout shooting from fixed positions.

We are currently re-locating and redeveloping our practical shotgun range to a larger part of the site offering more targets and layouts.

At present we have a target layout with 30+ steel knock down targets.

We only permit “move and shoot” or “Walk forward” shooting when one of our range officers is present to supervise this activity.

At Springview Ranges safety comes before everything and for this reason we operate a member’s only policy on all ranges including our PSG Range.

As a practical shotgun shooting range we welcome the use of Section 1 shotguns onsite and you are permitted to load more than two cartridges should you wish. Guns must not be carried with any cartridges present in the magazine or chamber and all guns must be pointed in a safe direction at ALL times.

All shotguns must be open and unloaded when not inside the PSG Range, breech flags are required for all pump action, lever action and semi automatic shotguns.

Guns should be carried on site unloaded and in gun slips when not in use.

Safety regulations are posted all over the site and inside the Practical shooting range area. We operate to strict rules of safety and will revoke the membership of anybody found flouting these rules.

CCTV Cameras are present on the PSG range and all over the site for everybody’s safety.

We hold a current Section 11-6 on site which covers the use of Section 2 Shotguns by those who do hold a shotgun certificate but please note you must hold a current shotgun or firearm certificate to shoot unsupervised.

We cannot permit our members to allow anybody who does not hold a certificate to shoot onsite unless supervised by one of our staff. There are no exceptions.



Eyes and ears everyone!

Ear and eye protection must be worn on site. Gunfire can be extremely harmful to your hearing and eye protection is a must.

Maximum Shot Sizes

We only permit a maximum of size 7.5 shot in a maximum of 28 gram loads on the PSG Range. The steel targets are too close to permit the use of any larger shot. Steel shot is NOT permitted as this is an obvious ricochet risk.

You may use plastic or fiber wad cartridges.



Annual Membership Fees

We operate a single membership scheme for Full and Probationary membership.

Membership – Rimfire/Gallery/Fullbore/PSG Members/Clays​ ₤250.00

Range Fees

Day range fee​ ₤30.00


Supervised Shooting for those without a certificate (By prior arrangement only)

Day range fee​ ₤35.00

25 x 12 Bore shotgun cartridges​​ ₤6.00


Range Address

Springview Ranges Limited
Old Park Farm
Toddington Road

Telephone 01582 210223

Opening times – Practical Shotgun Range

Saturday​-​10.00am to 4pm
Sunday ​-​10.00am to 4pm

We do not open on bank holidays

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