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Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience - No license required

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience - No license required

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience


25 Clays and Cartridges and full safety briefing and instruction by one of of our highly experienced instructors.


Alternatively we can split your range allocation to part clay pigeon shooting and part shooting at Steel targets (A discipline known as 'Target Shotgun')


We cannot permit under 12's to shoot


You are required to sign a declaration stating that you are not a prohibited person under Section 21 of The Firearms Act 1968


Current Prices - Per person £65 


Terms and Conditions of Booking


All booking dates must be confirmed by us before you make a payment as if we cannot accomodate your date we will refund your payment


Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Bookings are only accepted with 5 or more days notice and must take place on a Saturday or a Sunday.


The ranges are not not normally open Monday - Friday and so further staff costs will apply (£30 extra per person) for weekday bookings and this must be booked 10 days in advance and agreed by us.


Week day bookings are only accepted for parties of 9 or more.


Payment Terms


Payment in full is required at least 48 hours prior to any shooting event taking place and payment must be made by Credit or Debit Card only. 


Once we have confirmed by email that we have received payment and confirmed your event date in writing you can consider your booking secured.




Any event cancelled by the customer 48 hours or closer to the event date may incur a charge to cover the cost of any shooting instructors. 



Arrival on the day


You must wear suitable outdoor clothing and a baseball cap is recommended due to falling clay pigeon debris. All other safety equipment such as eye and ear protection will be provided by us.


Proof of ID must be shown for all on site and we will accept a passport/driving license or similar as proof of identity. Without ID we cannot permit you to shoot.


Booking times


All of our Clay Shooting experiences must take place between the hours of 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.


Alcohol & Drugs


If we have reason to believe any person(s) have consumed drugs or alcohol and are unfit to shoot they will be asked to leave and no refund provided. Persons unfit to shoot will be banned from our ranges permanently.




Our instructors will provide a safe environment for you, if any of our staff feel that members in a shooting party are not adhering to the safety regulations the instructor may cancel the entire booking. In such circumstances we will not provide a refund.


Medical Conditions


All medical conditions which could affect your safe use of a firearm must be reported to us. This will be stored confidentially for a minimal period of time.


Right to refuse entry.


We are a live shooting range and so security and safety is paramount. The company reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons for any reason whatsoever. Where we ask people to leave our site we may report this immediately to our local firearms licensing unit and inform other local clubs in the areas of the names of any attendees.




We hold a valid Section 11(6) permit which allows persons without a shotgun certificate to take place in clay pigeon/artificial target shooting. 




CCTV is permanently recording in all common areas and on all live ranges and danger areas. This is for your safety and to ensure compliance with our range safety regulations




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